Software tools offering Whatsapp for PCs

People can install the whatsapp on their personal computers by following the simple instructions available in the web. Installing the bluestacks on PCs may get error because of the older versions of the computer’s graphics driver. Following is the guideline to run the whatsapp on PCs without using the bluestacks. Andy is an android emulator software that is available for free to use. Users can start using this software to access the android games and other apps on their computer. This is a genuine tool that several millions of users are using these days. Since it is better than the previously mentioned software it is becoming very popular among the PC users. First they need to download whatsapp for pc windows 7 or Andy software to get access in using whatsapp. If the user downloads the whatsapp software for PC, they can get access to that app only. If they install the Andy software, they can visit the play store and download any apps they like to use.


People who prefer using blue stacks can find availability of different blue stacks app for different operating systems. If you are using windows 7 OS, you can download bluestacks for windows. After installing the software users can login the app with their Gmail account. Then they can search and download the app from the play store. This is how they can download whatsapp for pc windows 7 using their Gmail account in bluestacks. This process is simple, easy and it does not include much work. All they have to do is making sure they have the instruction manual about the software. This is how facebook is letting people to enjoy having a communication app. Like app on mobile users can also create groups and send unlimited number of messages and files to their friends through whatsapp on PC.