Get The Free Shopping Cart Of PayPal

Do you own an online shopping portal? Then it is time for you to get the software of the PayPal shopping cart. This is for all those people who trust to purchase something from your site and they expect a shopping cart that is both functional and easy. The PayPal shopping cart software is free and simple to use. The customers can pay through their paypal hosting account and they only need to login, get the code and copy it so that they can paste it against the item they want to purchase from your website.

Because it is free and very easy, it becomes compatible with any website. The cart doesn’t need you to have a merchant account with your bank and there are no extra charges even. Every purchase that is made on your site is credited to your account and it is also one of the quickest and safest methods.

This way you will not only be able to accept PayPal but also some major credit card companies that are compatible with the PayPal software. Setting up this software is even easier. By far it is definitely the easiest software to be used. Anyone can set it up without the need to have prior knowledge of setting up or installing of software.

You won’t believe yourself until it’s done and there have been a few purchases. You just have to follow the few steps to produce the code, which you then have to paste in the place where you want the Buy button to be. You get an email notification after every sale by PayPal and you can see all the transactions that have been made in your account by just logging on to the main page of your PayPal account. There will be all the transaction details there and if you wish to keep the invoice choose print invoice option. By far, this software is one of the easiest and hassle free of all payment options.